Posted on : Aug 12, 2021

In the field of the AEC industry, architectural design and drafting services work as an important element that helps your clients in building the desire building structure. Thus designing such structures works as a crucial factor because any slightest fault in the entire process may ruin your construction project. Below mentioned are some of them:-

  1. A) Lesser importance to site surveys-Any building structure is an essential factor of its surroundings while site surveys play an important part in analysing immediate surroundings and different features of the site. Different elements like wind/sun orientation, site slope, available resources of water bodies etc. help in building timeless architectural designs on a regular basis
  2. B) Inaccuracy of the drawings-In any AEC industry, the architectural design and drafting team plays an important role in providing accuracy in drawings. Even the slightest mistake in the drawings may lead to major expenses on the actual site and therefore quality control team helps in checking/rechecking design drawings and other related documents. However CAD software and BIM technology help in ensuring precision in the drawings.
  3. C) No client feedback-Architectural design and drafting team helps in attaining clients’ requirements and elicits necessary information like their preferences, like-dislikes, special needs etc. But regular feedbacks and consultation with your clients and customers will bring better

At C-DESIGN, we provide architectural design and drafting services that will help in fulfilling all your requirements in the designing process within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget.