Motion Graphic Trends Of 2018 – Creative Works India

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Motion graphics trends are formed and impacted by the pop civilization zeitgeist and the newest technical innovation. While it is not optional to blindly jump on the bandwagon of any and all trends, it is a vital follow for all of you movement design ninjas to be well conversant of what is hip and on the wounding-edge in the motion graphics business as a source of creative motivation and also to be able to best provide to the needs of your customers.

Glitch Effect

The glitch distortion effect — think pixilated off-register similes or the visual hiss of a video stream evoke the abrasive static of an old TV — has be used by a numeral of big brands lately. No other leaning has garner quite as greatly everywhere traction as the fault effect.


The trend of morphing shape layers — morphing among shapes, objects, or icons — is one that has be around for a good few years but we maintain to see a lot of this morphing trend in modern motion graphics and it is by now an recognized trend that continue to gain drive and popularity. The morphing tendency is particularly common in logo animation.

Mixing 2D And 3D

The capability of 3D allow creative opportunity that otherwise would be almost impracticable to reach. It is very protected to say that we will carry on to see more 3D throughout 2018 in not just the action design sector but all industry and sectors for the lot from small to big-budget production and commercial, product shots, marketing campaign and game design.

Liquid Motion

Liquid motion — animations in which organic shape transform in a liquor way — is a trend that (just like the morphing trend) has wedged around for awhile but continue to enjoy enduring status. After Effects allowed smooth fluid transition between scenes or images which catapulted liquid action as a trend to a complete new level and has protected its reputation in the advertising world.

Bright Bold Colors

Bright, bold, brave colors and hues are rolling in regard this year and making a famous impact in the digital design world. utilize and praise for their chart prowess, the trend is to employ colors to “Make it pop!” agreed the growing command for designs that situate out, the trend of bright bold colors will carry on their trend in 2018.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has evolve into a new stage with great possible as a average that all industry and sector from around the planet will predictably use for different purposes. According to experts, the virtual reality trend will carry on to gain in status during 2018.

Virtual reality lends itself to depict complex strange scenes, To wit, in one of her newest videos correctly titled “Notget VR”, Bjork used utilize virtual reality to create high-quality fantastic property and vibe. (It is interesting to note that in this technically ambitious Bjork video you see a lot of 2018 motion design trends combined: virtual reality, surreal themes, fantasy, and sci-fi.).

Animated GIF Logos

According to various creative trends reports, from Behance to Shutterstock, the overall trend is more animation and video on the Internet and an ever more growing command for GIFs by companies look to market themselves in the digital space, specially on social media.

amusing, clever and appealing, GIFs entertain and connect users and fit in splendidly with the very short current attention span, and are thus expensive tools for success patrons and communicate ideas. Let’s face it, it is an emoji and GIF globe and we only live in it.