Now 3D Print In Multi-color Via Photoshop – Outsource 3D Printing – 3D Printing

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys unveil an improved addition with Adobe’s Photoshop that allow users to design along with print substance with additional than 1,000 colors. Stratasys unconfined Creative Colors software, which is motorized by the Adobe 3D Color Print Engine. The software currently come bundle with Object 500 Connex3 printers or preserve be purchase for obtainable 3D printers.

“Inside Photoshop natively, we’ve optimized our equipment to their Adobe color palette. So now we cannot just suggest 46 colors…, but over 1,000 colors and all folks gradient in between,” said John Gould, head of Stratasys North America. “Literally, within Photoshop there’s Connex3 option, and you can print directly during to your printer.”In the mainly basic conditions, Stratasys’ Creative Colors Software form a direct association connecting Adobe Photoshop’s resourceful Cloud (CC) request and the Object Connex3 3D printer.

further printing honestly to a Connex3 3D printer, Photoshop user can also decide to print matter via Stratasys’ straight built-up parts-on-demand service. The obscure service then send a user the entity via next-day delivery.