OCW 3D design services can certainly help you!

Posted on : Jan 05, 2023

For Furniture Retailers:

If you give us a sole piece of furniture model, we container help you better help the product by creating a customized virtual scene and bring best apparition of it. And level if you do not enclose the 3D model on hands, we could also construct it for you.


For Real Estate Agents:

Basically give us the floor plan and photo of your available assets, we can help re-make the room accurately in 3D and decorate it in diverse trending styles, and thus help sell the assets faster with our high-resolution render.


For Homeowners:

A floor sketch and a few photos, beside with pictures of your enviable styles would be adequate for our professional designers to offer adapted interior design and the final real-to-life render to show you the likelihood of how your domicile, no matter a new or a remodel one. You might even have a practical tour inside your dream home.


Physical sight set-up & Photo-shooting

Real Photos: For furniture seller, rent or edifice the real photography site not only generates soaring cost, it also provides you with the cookie-cutter renderings due to the restraint of physic site. For real assets, the rent fee of furniture and home décor is regularly expensive and sustained.

Virtual Staging: For fixtures seller, present is no cost for site, no control for setting designs and fittings combinations! For real estate, present is no require to rent fixtures and décor at all!

Real Photos: There’s irrepressible logistic cost and you can’t promise that there’s no indemnity to the furniture through the moving.

Virtual Staging: nothing cost on transport, no need to mail/rent fittings and easy to build thousands of furniture blend in a partial time.


3 Human-hour inputs

Real Photos: require at slightest five people to behaviour cross-team partnership, operation and communication which is not charge effectual.

Virtual Staging: Home-style team will do all for you!


  1. Efficiency

Real Photos: It would usually obtain 15-30 days or still longer for furniture training, moving, photo shooting, and photo post-course to lastly get the pictures prepared.

Virtual Staging: After completely communicate through your needs and supplies on design needs; it in general takes us 2-5 days to convey high-quality render.


  1. Sales Stimulation

Besides, according to Home enactment Report 2019 starting Home Staging relationship UK&Ireland, for both real estate agents and developers, there is important development to their sales when they use practical staging for selling. Properties with expert photos get more viewings than vacant room. Homebuyers also expend more time screening a home that’s staged. A dramatic home not only sells faster, it also enlarged the offer value to an obvious quantity.