Retail Space Planning to have Cutting Edge in the Cut-Throat Competition (Part – 1)

Posted on : Jan 21, 2022

Since inception of Outsource Architectural Services under Outsource Creative Works banner in the year 2005, we have an experience of working with number of clients across industries globally. One of the developed &competitive industries is the Retail industry. While working with some of the leading global retail players, we understand that they have to not only sought the market attention to attract and retain but also have to deal with highly demanding and knowledgeable consumers on day to day basis. To attain this objective one of the key aspects is to have a very well planned and managed retail space for business success.


As per our spaces planning and interior designing experience, we have observed that the retail industry is one such industry with ever changing landscapes which drastically increase pressure on the retailers to attract new customers globally. Retails today not only need to understand consumer retail needs but to go a step ahead and understand consumer insights in terms of their interests, behaviour and values. We as designers and one of the key service providers under our outsource architecture service for retail space planning jobs needs to understand this and include the same in our landscape and retail space design to not only attract new customers but also to convert window shoppers to customers, and from customers to loyal customers who further could advocate the brand in their network.


One such space planning for retails outlet is how best retailers are able to display stock variety including impulse purchases. Today retailers are not only limiting themselves in understanding and changing store layouts as per the sales or margins they are able to attract per sq. ft. area but also in-line with customer interests and stature. Retail space planning especially for organised retail outlets had been around since birth of retail outlets business, what critically has been changed are analytics around how well utilised or well managed as per the functional benefits this space is looked upon today. Idea or the objectives are quite simple, firstly to attract new customers (globally) followed by converting potential customers to the customers by driving sales and finally convert customers to loyal customers or the brand advocates; all this by ensure best utilisation of available retail space either by arranging or re-arranging stock or the way stocks and important communications like new arrivals, offers and more are displayed.


In this series of blogs on Retail Space Planning, we‘ll be sharing our knowledge and expertise on working in this space, do stay tuned.