Posted on : Aug 10, 2020

In the current scenario, global warming has become a grave threat and energy resources are getting depleted day by day. Therefore it becomes a major responsibility of Revit modeling service providers to build up more high power and energy-conscious structures throughout their lifecycle. Due to Revit modeling, designers can easily evaluate future buildings by creating energy models during the planning stage of design conceptualisation. Energy analytical models give opportunities to architects to change the composition and design of the structure for the desired result. Below mentioned are essential points which describe developing energy effective models:-

Revit modeling must use essential elements of and its related design fundamentals so as to create energy analytical model of the building

A) Crucial information about building parts-Essential information related to floors, roof, walls, and foundation, etc plays an important role in forming an energy analytical model more accurate and precise.

B) Integrate additional information-Additional information pertaining to site topography, the technology used, and surrounding climate, chosen material, etc which helps in making comprehensive and complete energy analytical model for the building

C) Sound knowledge of Revit modeling-It becomes essential for Revit modeling service providers to have sound knowledge of Revit modeling so as to create a comprehensive and energy-efficient analytical model. These models help in creating high performing and competent buildings for your clients.

Revit modeling is a digitally designed software package that is used by architects and engineers in order to create drawings and models which is based on the main idea of building information modeling. Revit modeling is considered as the most suitable key for creating precise plans for building design and documentation. At C-Design, our dedicated professionals provide detailed architectural modeling services that cover all aspects of residential and industrial architectural designing right from small stand-alone residential complex to the huge commercial building so as to provide the most efficient final layout. Once our team receives clients project details in form of hand-drawn sketches, PDF images, electronic images, scanning images, or AutoCAD files then we can easily convert them into Revit format or even customised and personalise the design as per our client’s requirements at most economical rates and within the stipulated time frame. One of the biggest advantages of Revit modeling is about automatically updating floor plans, sections, elevation, and 3d views. Also through 3D visualisation, our clients can see proposed designs before the process of the actual making of building starts. Contact us anytime and we would be more than happy to serve your requirements.