Posted on : Jun 28, 2021

Any effective management system consists of comprehensive BIM modelling which integrates HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more for both management and architectural services. Revit Architectural is an essential tool for engineers, architects, designers and contractors which help to manage a construction project. The modelling and virtual reality function of Revit software helps in developing the value of construction projects. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of Revit Architecture in the following ways:-

  1. A) Easily track cost factors-As a part of BIM technology, Revit software helps in estimating accurate cost factors and projection costs. This technology uses architectural drafts as an ERP solution (Enterprise Resources Planning) for the entire construction project. Such technology works as a drafting combination and an ERP solution for saving money and time factor.
  2. B) Integrate multi-discipline fields-Revit architecture software works as the multi-disciplinary field for BIM technology which coordinates different fields like architecture, prefabrication, electrical services, landscape, mechanical services, Interior architectural services, exterior architectural services, structural etc. Basically, it reduces overhead costs from various drafting processes and enhances communication and management processes across the organization.
  3. C) Creates realistic visualization-Latest technology of CAD and BIM software is popularly known as Revit helps in creating realistic visualization for maintenance planning, sales, marketing, and becomes an excellent tool for architectural drafts and blueprints. Revit technology provides modeling and virtual reality functions which increase the overall value of the construction project to owners, investors and all remaining stakeholders. This technology gives an opportunity to all stakeholders to experience a functional virtual mock-up of the building project.

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