Posted on : Aug 04, 2020

At C-DESIGN, we strive hard to create to convert our client’s dreams into functionally aesthetic and effectively pleasant through conceptualising innovative and excellent designs. Drawings and designs are considered essential parts which are an ongoing process and many a time requires last-minute changes even after finally preparation of drawings. Such situation causes lots of confusion for Architectural design and drafting professionals which becomes difficult to handle as building costs have skyrocketed in these years. That’s why it’s crucial to have no difference between end product and the final set of drawings.

The construction project is considered a quite complex process because all of its moving parts should be properly aligned to get the successful delivery of the final product. Among them, as-built drawings (also known as record drawings) play an inevitable role that provides details related to any minute changes during the construction process and exact rendering of the property as it looks after completion.

As-built drawings are considered as effectively tracking of project development from scratch and to the final phase. It plays a crucial part for each party in the construction project like

A) For building owners and clients- The AEC industry experts can get a detailed set of as-built drawings with all relevant installations. This may also prove helpful when the owner faces any issues to troubleshoot or want to modify future building plans. Even clients can get a clearer picture of the final result in a more accurate and precise manner.

B) For Contractor-It shows exact record of any minute changes made during the interim phase of the construction process and thus visualisation of the next steps becomes easier along with the early solution of the problem in advance.

C) For Future buyers-It depicts an essential part of the final sale like a base for future modifications /developments.

At C-DESIGN, we strive hard to convert our client’s dream into an effective solid structure of concrete and steel as per their requirements within the stipulated time frame. And as-built drawings play a major role in it as it gives a true picture of the final outcome with more accuracy and effectiveness.