Posted on : Jul 08, 2019

Nowadays VR AND AR are the buzzwords which are heard quite often. With the help of advanced technologies and ease of their accessibility is making it possible for corporate to experience them in their marketing campaigns. The word VR virtual reality is all about giving users different feel in other dimensions or world. In this type of technology, the user himself got immersed in the new virtual 360-degree situation to stimulate the experiences. However, AR augmented reality is all about placing content into the real world like the world-famous game of Pokémon Go. In this, people are allowed to add digital components into their real surroundings. The major tools used in this technology are a unidirectional treadmill, special headsets, and gloves which excites our senses in order to create a false impression of the reality.

Following are certain benefits corporate are receiving from VR:-

1)            Comes out as industry leaders-Through VR technology, users are getting more unique life-like experience and thus corporate can connect in a better way with them. It’s unlike social media platforms, print or TV ads where your brands are getting interactive but instead its platform where you can decide what to see without anybody’s interference.

2)            Brands can make difference their business –Because of VR, users usually feel stickier with the content and thus spends their major time in accessing this technology without ever leaving their website. The more they stay on your website then more interaction happens with your services and products in a single click.

3)            Best way to show off your business-Any business which deals with bricks and mortar location should be involving virtual reality tour in order to increase customer engagement and build a strong brand. So that customer can feel different experience with your brand as compared to other digital media format.

4)            Maintain better customer relationship-Through VR, better customer interaction takes place with a deeper sense of loyalty in your business. Even business are able to develop their own experiences and products which reaches large scale of targeted audiences .It’s advisable to become early adopter of this technology and increase scope of your business because what was considered fiction earlier becomes feasible marketing option now.

5)            Customers can try before they purchase-It becomes quite helpful for the customers to interact with the products before buying them and even they can see them from different angles. In research and development phase, products can be easily tested and customers can also easily connect themselves in virtual form.

6)            Content marketing gets enhanced-One of the best way to use virtual reality in business is through content marketing where one can showcase their products and enhance their business stories and campaigns. The content part gets becomes a revolutionary engaging experience for targeted audiences right from your VR headset or your browser.

Our expertise in designing Virtual Reality Models is growing at the pace in line amongst leading brands in the world. At C-Design with more than a decade of experience, our proficient team is well equipped to undertake any complex Immersive multimedia project on behalf of our esteemed client. Immersive multimedia or better known as Computer – simulated reality or still better known today as Virtual reality is a digital technology replicating a real or even imagined or simulated environment chiefly for the idea of user interaction and engagement