Posted on : Sep 23, 2021

In today’s world, furniture manufacturers are adopting 3D design and rendering services and thereby seem too meaningful solutions to them. This technology helps manufacturers in effectively communicating product design for sales, manufacturing, and marketing requirements. At C-DESIGN, we provide 3D design and rendering services for furniture manufacturers for various products like desks, cabinetry, bedrooms, vanities, living and dining furnishings, and countertops, etc.

We provide virtual 3D CAD models for wooden furniture which then gets converted into photorealistic images using 3D rendering techniques. These 3D rendered images can be further used for visualization in marketing and sales documents which turns out to be more cost-effective and minimizes time factor as well.

One of the biggest benefits of furniture models is to reduce communication errors and thereby reach the market at a faster rate and more productively as compared to traditional photography methods. Furthermore, 3D models can be used for rendering requirements where any changes to design/scenes can be made much easier and quicker.3D rendering technique being on a virtual platform, we offer endless possibilities of creating 360 product images and more appealing products without physically investing in it.

At C-DESIGN, our rendering experts help in developing conceptual rendering using the latest software like AutoCAD,3DsMax, V-Ray, Revit, etc through which rendered image of the furniture looks like manufacturer’s requirements and lastly finalize with clients about the rendered images. We are one of the leading outsourcing service providers having extensive experience in 3D rendering images and 3D Cad models for wooden furniture manufacturers developing furnishing, especially for healthcare, institutional, commercial and residential facilities. Contact us and get your quotation.