Posted on : Aug 30, 2019

Nowadays with the impact of the latest 3D visualisation technology, formations of visual images are becoming more popular day by day in many fields like maintenance, construction and many more. 3D visualisation technology is used for representing 3-dimensional images of objects which creates lively videos or pictures in printed format on television, desktop or in a movie theatre. As compared to 2D videos, 3D videos, and photo-realistic images are making a real-life difference and thus work as an impact entertainment source.

In the past, 3D visualization was prevalent in the form of graphical pictures of tangible objects like carvings or cave paintings; buildings etc Later on as time passed and with technological advancement, importance of 3D visualization amplified and professional engineers, architects started displaying their piece of work and generated 3D dimensional images of both natural and manmade objects. Nowadays it becomes impossible to image future architectural project related to construction and design without using this latest technology popularly known as 3D visualization or 3D Rendering.

The main application of this latest technology is during seminars, conference, presentation which creates 3Dimesional graphics on the basis of the 3D model. Through 3D dimensional imaging, anything can be possible like imaging new or future ideas or anything related to originality.3D Visualization can be useful in many ways like for 3D rendering, interior or exterior designing, clips creation, for promoting printed products.

•             3D Visualization takes place in different steps like

•             Initially making of the 3D Object model

•             Making of environment scenes around an object

•             Looking after texturing

•             Proper lighting setup

•             Looking for perfect camera effects and angle setup, camera setup

Other major areas where 3D visualization proves to be beneficial are:-

1)Technology and science –Through 3D visualisation, designing of technical products become quite easy and thus helps in making it close to its actual look. This not only makes faster and easier for designers to work but also eradicate drafting itself. Therefore this technology becomes quickly famous among designers and architects and costumers where becomes simple to elaborate atypical design of everyday stuff.

2)For the interior, Construction or architecture-3D Visualization helps in promoting interior, construction of the building or architectural building before the making of their respective finished products to their clients or customers. And therefore becomes essential initial element during the construction process.

3) For the Gaming industry, cinematic and animation world –These days’ music videos and computer games have become possible due to visualization software.

4) For marketing and advertisements– Manager can use the power of visualisation technology for making marketing data, graphs and charts which can be easy to comprehend and make a final solution of any business-related queries.