Significance of Augmented reality in the real estate industry

Posted on : Jul 10, 2019

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a buzz words nowadays almost all industries across and thus real estate seems to be one of such sector. Right from reviving their printing catalogues to interact demonstrations on their mobile screens during installations.AR in the real estate sector is providing serious business opportunities for all talented and potential manpower. Because of AR, customers are benefited in different ways like clients becomes a more productive way and agencies perform in a better way if they work with clients having clearer goals and mission.

Following are the major advantages of using augmented reality which helps the real estate industry

1) More customer engagement –One of the biggest advantages of augmented reality is all about been considered as highly engaging and fascinating. Through this technology, targeted audiences can be easily turned into real customers who carry out smooth buying of products and services process.

2) Opens up new marketing option-People are more inclined towards using this latest technology and thus corporate are using their interest level to promote and distribute their products. Through this technology following outcomes can be received like:

A) Better advertising option

B) Geo tags can be created which helps in showing sale option to the real world and thus customers can easily discover themselves through it

C) Contact us and other related button goes animated

D) AR creates big boards and print catalog to be interactive

3) Save resources and time-one of the biggest advantage of augmented reality is about saving time and resources. Real estate clients usually search for different apartments or flats before making a final purchasing decision. It seems to be so time-consuming and costly affair but through augmented reality, everything turned out to be so simple and easier. This client’s exploratory visit decreases drastically because AR catalogues via mobile app make so simple for them to choose real estate sites of their interest level.

4)Products can be explained in better way-Products can be understood in a better way and AR visualisation works better as compared to text description with videos or photos. Through AR app, large buildings can be accurately visualised in a form of 3d models. Even apartment or flats can be easily shown to their clients adjusting their style, environment or surroundings acceding to their requirements.

AR applications are differentiated under 3 categories based on their complexity of development: Simple AR makes 3d objects appear on your phone and advanced app have different features like QR code to initiate AR, markers, HQ interactive animation, etc.

Simple AR app- Standard lighting, textures, environment with Google play and app store adaption

Advanced AR app-Basic environment but a high level of lighting and features with high-quality models and QR code for products

At C- Design we always make sure to understand client’s requirements properly and then offer the best possible competitive augmented reality model by using the latest tools and technologies. Our clients always have crystal clear communication with us and proper coordination with them at every developmental stage. Our proficient designers are well competent and capable in their fields and possess necessary tools & methods to design live direct or indirect view of physical, real-world environment.