Site Plan Detailing – Main Environment Factors Behind It

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

The main objective behind site plan detailing is also to arrange structure on land and thereby giving spaces between them.So that it locates objects and activities according to spaces and time.Site plan is all about small clusters of building or small building with surroundings .There are many environmental factors while framing architectural design like creative ability and imagination, surveys,data collection and design solutions for building problems etc.

Whenever architects are given architectural design projects then environmental factor plays major role while shaping it.And its sole responsibility of architects to check and analyses efficiently about site plan regarding its soil,sand or vegetation .Site plan is all about arranging particular portion of land according to its uses.Landscape which is all about design of outside shape should be properly framed as it effects architectural design completely.Other factors should also to be consider like water facilities,drainage,sewage,electricity,fire and protection ,air conditioning systems etc.

Site Identification

Each site is unique in its own way and therefore many factors have to be considered while choosing right site plan. Many factors above and below the grounds has to be considered while designing any site plan.

Natural Factors

Geography-They are consider as main component while design architectural design.Type of rock underneath soil, characteristic and in-depth features of the rock should be analysed as such geological foundation forms a base for any site plan.


This is considered as one of the most important element to be analysed as its just a form of land.Where badly damaged areas or natural drainage channels surveys can be judged through typographic research.In site planning, typography helps in estimating soil with natural erosion which may cause slopes or any other land forms which can damage site plan details.


Another important element which can help in making site planning is soil.This factor helps in analyzing stability of land, erosion,drainage,excavation and even suitability.Deciding building location in the site plan requires information about bearing capacity of the soil.


Another important feature that helps in site plan is all about vegetation.Existing nearby trees or plants information is very much crucial in estimating which part of the vegetation needs to be retained.It’s always better to know ecology well before deciding for any site planning.Also another feature that adds while deciding for site plan is to understands about nearby wildlife areas.For e.g .if any site plan for recreation or park is finalised then it’s always better to choose land suitable to hunting or fishing as they are considered as main fun areas.