Smoothie-3D: Very Famous 3D Modelling Software

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Smoothie-3d is one of the most famous applications which are 100 % free for creating 3d modeling and printing them from 2d models. This application helps in converting a photo into the 3d model experience. This application usage doesn’t require any prior experience or downloading of any software, it’s so user-friendly. It’s just required a single image of an object for converting it into 3d prints.

Take any image which should be taken from the side, this makes modeling quite easy and it should look same from another side (hidden) as well. Now get logged in a website named,now add an image by clicking on IMAGE-àADD. Now require drawing an outline on the image for conversion. And the app will turn some parts of the image into a 3d model. Each part of the object, however, needs to be designated separately for the software to calculate the model including texture. Once completed, the model can be exported as OBJ, STL or VRML file to get it 3D printed – either on your own printer or using one of the 3D printing services offered via the direct interface.

The main thought behind the Smoothie-3D software is its spontaneous modeling capabilities. Users can load in images, quickly draw an outline of the various parts of that image, and almost directly turn any 2D photo into a 3D dimensional model, ready to be printed.