Space Planning – The Key to Interior Design’s Success (Part 1)

Posted on : Jan 18, 2022

As one of the leading players in Interior Designing and Outsource Architectural Service, our team of interior designers and planners understands the very details of the business. One of the keys to the desired interior design output is working on space planning details. Space planning is one of the key aspects that has a direct impact on the interior design output.


Within Space Planning our well experienced interior designers understands the details of space allowances and the minute sense of composition like sizes, fitments and symmetry of furniture components and more. In line with our design philosophy we firmly believe that in a well-planned room, space is the most critical element with is utilized to its best capacity and effect.


To begin the space planning task for any interior designing job, designer would need to go in depth and understand the very function of the room and minutely take into consideration any key challenging areas he/she would be dealing with while undertaking the space planning task. One of the key objectives of this task for a designer is to utilise his/her expertise to create desired composition which is not only stunning but also in-line with client’s taste and is as easy and comfortable for a user to use the available space to its best. Yet another design objective for any interior designer to be achieved is to positively surprise its clients with the creative output every time.


In this blog series of two, we ‘ll we taking you through the depth and approach we at Outsource Architectural Services under Outsource Creative Works banner undertake in more question and answer format. We‘ll begin with some very elementary questions while a designer is initiating his / her space planning job. From our experience since 2005 in creative services field, we have understood that while initiating any space planning job, designer needs to think in detail about more intangible aspects of the space planning, before moving to tangible outlook of the space.


In the next part of this blog we ‘ll touch base upon some of the key elements of Space Planning task while either working on dedicated space planning job or as part of complete interior designing project for your client.