Types Of Augmented Reality

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Now a day’s one of the most important tools used which is more than virtual reality and that enhances our daily hearing and seeing is none other than known as augmented reality. In this technology, the real-life environment will be augmented with the help of superimposed computer generated images. In this type of technology, the natural environment is used and covers information on top of it. In short augmented reality (known as AR) is where natural sound, graphics, and feedbacks are added to existing natural environment. As both virtual and the real environment exists here, augmented users can use the virtual environment as a tool as daily activity helper. Augmented reality applications can be used in cell phones or for any business applications. Basically useful for deriving data, increases understanding and provide accessible data.

Types of augmented reality
Location-based AR- Through this one can easily track his own location or any other unknown location.This method will help to give relevant information by using smartphones GPS, compass, and accelerometer. This technology is widely used in location detection, mapping directions or for finding nearby business areas.

Projection based augmented reality-Through this type of technology, human interaction takes place by sending artificial light into the real-world surface. Users experience can be easily detected by differentiating between the known projection and changed projection (because of users’ interaction).

Marker-based augmented reality – Widely known as image recognition technology. In this camera and another visual marker like QR/2D Code are used when the marker is sensed by the reader to produce desired results. Once image or QR is scanned then it means that this technology is actually working. Also, this technology is used many times for translating words seen through the camera.

Superimposition based AR-In this technology entire object is replaced with the part of it so that object recognition takes place with augmented reality view. For e.g.Doctor superimposes X-Ray to get a clear understanding about broken or damaged part of the patients.