Virtual Design Construction (VDC) – Profit, Challenges, and plan for AEC

Posted on : Nov 01, 2022

The execution of a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) come near to projects has begin to be promote by important member of the designEngineering & Construction (AEC) trade, a move that gradually but totally changes the way projects are concluded. VDC define the method by which each segment of a structure project is collaboratively virtual by the intend and structure team before foundation work on the genuine job site.

It’s a radical move made by the production just as the move from pen-and-paper blueprint to CAD drawings, but one that bring widespread change in yield and value across all facets of a venture. VDC continue with the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution but goes far outside new equipment adoption. The accent is on data-driven project alliance, wherever all project participants collaborate to deliver a project that is on funds, on time, and exactly as considered by the owner. VDC helps participants of the project to team up in a common language, where all related knowledge is clear and available immediately. Proactively and helpfully, problems are address.

As the reward of structure projects are fetching better known in the AEC industry, a increasing number of owners are demanding that inimitably complex projects be concluded in less time than ever before. With these aspirations, designers, general contractor, specialty contractor, fabricators, and other cronies will soon find that the simply way to survive the growth will be to realize VDC and other new method for imminent projects.

Why VDC is Important?

Forward-thinking industry leaders are always finding ways to reach new levels of success, and success is based on deliver results on time and on funds for design and structure professional.

The AEC commerce is touching swiftly in the course of VDC. The digital surroundings enable expert to handle projects more holistically and serves as a basis for important changes in recital. Industry leaders have previously switched to a VDC advance, situation the course for a potential wherever owners only want fallout via a mutual virtual proposal.

What is VDC?

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the method by which design and structure partners collaboratively replicate all work in a 3D virtual environment on a structure project before doing any on-site, real-world work. In order to attain the preferred result, VDC enables project cronies to knob all aspects of a project extra proficiently, from plan to budget to material procurement and so on.


1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM is a procedure that facilitate collaboration on a consolidate 3D model. This 3D BIM model “is a digital depiction of physical and practical characteristics of a capability. As such, it serves as a common data resource for a facility’s in turn, forming a reliable basis for decision from the opening onwards during its life rotation. (National BIM Standard, National Institute of Building Sciences)

Effort from all associates is included in a correct BIM model, which is critical to VDC’s success. In actuality, with the use of a only parametric model, VDC can attain more efficiency. Therefore, with BIM Level 3—the maximum level of BIM adulthood and the industry’s ambition goal—all parties work collaboratively on a single, parametric BIM model.

2. Level of Development (LOD)

Level of Development indicates the consistency of the output, or “the degree to which the constituent geometry and friendly information have been thinking during.” It is not to be mystified with Level of Detail. (Point of Development requirement, BIM Forum)

Within each replica element, the LOD Specification helps anyone effective on a structure project to clearly recognize the desired depth and value of details. Frequently, the VDC process begins at LOD 100 and goes up to LOD 350 or higher, providing the degree of exactitude required predicting how MEP-FP system would converse.

A factor with LOD 350 or higher is where close or friendly elements— such as supports, relatives, and other parts needed for coordination—are model. “The quantity, size, shape, location, and direction of the constituent as designed can also be exact directly from the replica without referring to non-modeled facts such as remarks or call-outs of scope.” (Level of Development Specification, BIM Forum)

Then, LOD 350 to 400 enables the scheme team to recognize system conflicts and production challenges before structure even begins—a key benefit of VDC.

3. Advanced digital tools

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) can build up collaboration among all project participants on topics ranging from safety training to organize for logistics to occupant practice. AR/VR applications are getting more superior and accepted. They are useful for superior elements of a VDC method for apparition but are not a complete necessity.

4. Collaboration space

A “virtual scheme site” or online meeting room allows all participants to contribute to the construction procedure, particularly the handoff between trades, and to alter and replicate it. This collaboration is better enable by cloud-based environments since of the vast volumes of data that must be exchange amongst all parties.

5. Collaborative attitude

It is significant to memo that equally design and structure partners are concerned in the project’s good ending as a whole, and not solely as a result of their scrupulous donation. This is a key guide attitude for VDC.

VDC facilitate a collaborative loom to challenges during a joint team mindset found on trust and mutual respect, welcome helpful feedback, and respects mutual liability, where there are no silos, and where each affiliate of the team celebrates the achievement of the extra.

These values of trust and co-dependence are over and outside any proper bond or included Project Delivery concord.