VR as the leading boon for Architectural Designing world

Posted on : Jul 16, 2019

Nowadays it has become quite challenging to convince your clients about future finished structure in 2D and 3D representation. Also many times it takes lots of efforts and diverse imagination so as to make your client’s really excited by the design ideas. That’s why virtual reality has started to become one of the most integral and crucial elements of the design process which reflects realistic project images to stakeholders, targeted audiences, and potential clients within no time. With technological advancement, corporate have started using VR as a revolutionary trend which helps in shaping better innovative architectural designs. Earlier floor plans,2D rendering, and elevations were not enough to provide real-world experience but later on due to VR and motion tracking, architects and supervisor can easily track entire building, room or any related spaces. Below mentioned are some of the benefits which can be availed through virtual reality technology:-

1)            Visualise unique experiences and ideas-With the advanced VR technology, architects can easily visualise about future planned property whether an entire room, a single building or whole cluster, etc. Also helps in furniture related color selection or any other choices which get quite convenient before construction of the building begins. Therefore VR works as a major presentation tool which helps audiences to view designs at an intuitive level.

2)            Quite cheap implementation-Due to this low-cost technology, utilisation of energy and time factor also gets reduced as compared to the contemporary designing process. Thus the biggest advantage of this technology is about easy integration into any spaces available and thereby gives targeted audiences facility to watch different sites, entire building layouts plans within a consolidated place.

3)            Creates imitation of real-world scenario-VR technology makes it possible to imitate real-world scenarios in order to see whether all crucial design fundamentals are operative and purposeful. For e.g.: If fire burst out in a shopping mall then through this technology it becomes quite easy to fetch out details about safer routes or possible actions against any such emergencies.

4)            Superior level of construction work happens-VR technology creates a higher quality of construction work through virtual training to their staff members, easy exploration of construction sites, and convenient assessment of construction material requirements which thereby helps in creating the overall professional and competent type of construction work.

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