Ways to know about 3D printing which helps in reducing rapid prototype cost

Posted on : Jul 12, 2019

3D printing

3d Printing is expanding to approx $22B in worldwide revenue by 2020. As it evolves, the 3d printing industry is renovating every major industry and the way we work in our future. 3D Printing encompasses different forms of technologies and materials. Earlier people thought 3d printing as a simple 3d desktop printer but later on, they found them a bunch of various industries with countless different applications.

3d printing plays a major role in rapid prototype technique that does not depends on drilling or cutting materials to create that product.3 dimensional solid object gets formed from a digital model by laying down successive layers of the material. Additive manufacturing is another term of 3d printing as it proves to be one of the most valuable technology and helps in taking well up to date decision about product designing.

3d printing helps the designer in saving rapid prototype cost in the following ways:

1)            One of the biggest advantages of using 3d printing is regarding the idea of product making. Product viability is one of the factors which show whether the manufacturing process should be processed further or not. Thus it helps in reducing the physical form of prototype and its related making cost.

2)            Also, public opinion can be easily carried out before actual manufacturing process begins. Even research works become easy which helps in finding out information regarding products.

3)            Because of 3d printing, any flaws at any stage of it can be easily detected and thus productive changes take place in the designing level itself.

4)            The idea about product prototype can be avoided if the product looks total crash or if the idea looks impractical at any stage.

5)            Once your 3d printing of the final product gets ready then one can try for outsourcing prototyping products through some third party, instead of manufacturing them at in the house. This saves a major amount of cost, time and energy

6)            For those ideas or products where prototyping cost is exceptionally high then one can stick to making 3d models and analyze products feasibility

But following are certain concern points which show even if 3d printing helps in giving near the perfect idea of the actual product before the manufacturing process begins still few aspects should be taken care of:-

Touch feeling-In the making of 3d models through 3d printing, only such designs can be seen through it instead of feeling them with hands. One can see physical prototype from different angles which becomes impossible through design work.

Approval scope- Product design has a lesser scope of approval as compared to a physical prototype.

Physical characteristic-Certain features like ergonomics, customer evaluation, expert judgments, handling dimension, etc become possible through a physical prototype of the products

Wrong conclusion-In the matter of product design, many time false judgements can be taken and concluding it impractical. But when it’s related to physical prototype, a considerate amount of thought and proper checking happens before forming a final decision about manufacturing such products.  

 Prototype models gain interest from the markets and helps in engaging customers by producing concept and ideas. At C- Design we try to carefully analyse and understand our esteem client’s requirements and create a throwaway prototype under the strict supervision of our expert team. Our expertise lies in understanding client’s conceptual & technical needs and converts those idea/concept into a workable 3D print model which could directly go in as an input for the 3D printer to create three-dimensional versions of what they are visualising. With a rich experience of more than a decade, we have supported many developers for new product development & conceptualisation with our 3D print models services